Stairway to heaven

I followed her up the stairs unaware of where we were going, I did not even dare to ask and I did not even care because the smile she drew on her face as she held my hand to rush me up was enough to make me surrender to her desires. The door opened and there was no roof over our heads but a clear sky full of stars. I was just standing there amazed. I then felt a gentle hug from behind and a warm breath getting closer to my ears while she whispered “let us pray darling”. I then turned around to face her clueless, she knew me very well, she knew I was never the praying type of person. She laughed and pulled me closer. As our eyes were locked at each other, “this will be our own prayer, our own religion… Let this be our holy moments and our worshiping temple… We shall make love where the gods can admire their creations silently” she said as her dress was sliding off her soft body… I wrapped my arms around her and lost myself inside her, the lust made me somehow feel reborn again as a man of god, but this time it was different, she was my goddess, her body was my temple and her blond hair was my sun. And it was a memorable moment where out of all the people praying for a myth, I was there with the presence of my own real one… A moment that felt like a whole month of worshiping… Devoted i lived for that prayer.

Fedi Mahjoubi

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