Keep your heart at the age of 6

The rain was heavy and the night was cold. And little Eyan was not in his bed where his father left him few minutes ago. His room was messy as always, just the way he wants it to be. His mother, like everyone else, was not allowed to touch his fire trucks which he left scattered across the floor, nor his little helmet, his green gloves and his long black boots.
“Where could this little guy be at this late hour?” Mumbled Josh while he went on checking the other rooms looking for him. As he was moving from room to room, he caught a glimpse of Eyan’s little yellow raincoat outside.
-“Hey there little fireman”. Said the father with a grin.” What are you doing outside? I was looking for you.”
-“Sorry dad, I just wanted to check on Zoey”. Replied Eyan, holding his cute little puppy in his arms, moving his hand over her smooth silky fur.
-“And how is your little girl doing?” ( Rubbing Zoey’s little ears)
-“She is scared. Zoey hates the rain dad. But at least she has a home where she can hide. I am more worried about the animals in the forest. I wish we build homes for all of them like we built one for Zoey”. ( sigh)
-“ I am worried there isn’t enough wood in the world”. Said Josh smiling while he put his arm around Eyan’s shoulder.
-Replied Eyan after few seconds of thinking:” yeah.. giraffes and elephants might be a problem”.
Josh burst out laughing, hugging his kid:” Oh my son. I would be more concerned about the millions of homeless people out there. God knows how are they going to survive the night.” (sigh) He lift his head, looking at the sky anxiously. Storms brewed on the cold horizon,promising nothing but more rain.
-“What? There are people with no homes daddy?” Asked the little kid with a confused tone.
-“Yes my dear. Unfortunately!”
-“But..But..How? Why? Why don’t they have homes? Where do they sleep? “
-“Most of them sleep in the open. They do not have enough money to survive the day, let alone affording a home.”
-“Then why don’t those who have lots and lots of money give some to the poor? Then everyone can have a home and be safe and warm.”
-“You are too young to understand the cruel world we live in.” This was all what Josh came up with. How could he explain to a 6 year old little boy why there are millions of people with no homes? He himself did not have an answer. What else could he say? That we, mankind, are the greediest creatures that ever existed on this planet? That we brought slavery and wars. That we hate each other for nothing but our differences? That we kill humanity over religion? What could Josh say? How could he tell him that we build an empire over the ashes of another that we ourselves enjoy destroying? How? How could he tell him that the pain and the misery of others please us..? That a human being can be considered so worthless, so valueless..So useless that slaving him, torturing him, or killing him is not a big matter.
-“I might be young but I want to help. I can share my toys with other kids who have nothing to play with.”
-“But you never allow anyone to touch your toys.”
-“If it is going to make a poor kid happy, then I will dad”
The dad gazed at his son, prouder than ever.
-“Just promise me one thing you little fireman”.
-“What dad?”
-“No matter how old you get, you keep your heart at the age of 6.”

Asma Belhaj

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