Falling to pieces

She was only 16 and she didn't know what to do with her life .. She was stuck between trying to live her life and trying to run from it .. She wanted to run away and never look back at the people she have known .. She can't pretend anymore that she is not okay .. She can't face it anymore .. Part of her was sad , lonely and damaged .. Another one was cold and didn't care no more .. She felt hopeless , helpless and she was afraid that she will never get better .. She just needed something good to happen .. She needed a sign that things are going to change .. She needed a reason to go on .. She needed some hope .. She really wanted to talk to someone about her thoughts and feelings but she can't , because they will never understand .. She was so artistic , painting smiles on every face but her own ..She always tell others that they are perfect and beautiful even if they are not , and it's because she hate herself and she doesn't want them to feel the same way .. She is alive , but she feel absolutely nothing .. So ,is she ?

Sima Slama
Student , 16

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