And the most important question remained was Do our capabilities exceed our imagination? or is it the opposite way?.. each part belongs to its own world, reality and fantasy. Two related worlds with different dimensions as one is a projection of the other. Our conscious creates the illusion that defines our limits and projects it into our reality , but we are simple creatures, no human can actually absorb the idea that everything is just an illusion, so we used to call it faith, instinct... We actually liked that idea so much that we lived by it, even invented the term Destiny and convinced ourselves of its existence and didn't consider the actual fact that our minds are cheating us, keeping us from seeking the truth, the truth that's hidden behind the curtain of fear. The illusion that captured our true strength and made us weak, relying on feelings and stopping the image at the eye's shallow level blocking it from reaching the necessary depth in the brain. which pose the question; why are we preventing ourselves from knowing the truth?.. Maybe it's not about the secret that lies beneath, but instead it's about the trick, that a voice inside is telling us to stay back and don't go forward, this can be the logical explanation due to the fact that we find magic impressive, why? despite knowing it's nothing but an illusion and fakeness we never tried enough to understand the secret because that will make it less interesting, .we just enjoy it as it is.... In the other side, what makes the human subconsciousness amazing that it is a flexible and editable world, unlike the reality, our dreams obey to our rules, we can actually create our own world and live in it as we want to without any sort of illusion. During the dream everything seems so real despite the fact that's happening only in our minds and we're actually lying in bed.
If you try to make it simple, you may see it this way; a person stuck in two opposite worlds, living an imaginary illusion inside of his reality and dreaming of a reality inside of an illusion with infinite capabilites..
What can exceed? capabilities or imagination? No one will ever know..

Fedi Mahjoubi


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