Hope, a term humans created as an excuse for life failures, a reason to stop worrying.. While standing over ashes and ruins he caused, a person would say "there will be hope" to decrease the amount of regret he is feeling and take off a burden of responsibility...
But in fact, there is no such thing as hope. Africa, Palestine and millions of people believe in hope, but did it help?..
We are just weak creatures guided by feelings and desires, so whenever we feel the threat, we just rely on invisible powers to save us and therefore we suffer from schizophrenia and denial, we create the disaster, blame it on someone else and start crying like a bitch asking for help and figuring out a solution.
They filled their hearts with faith, believing that they're in hands of God, praying everyday for salvation and help, thinking that there will be an immediate material response, which if didn't happen their "hopes" will be lost. But if they looked wider, they will find out how naive they have been. the God you're praying to gave you the most valuable thing ever, a brain, if you just knew how to use, you would have survived. Life is just a test, you're the student and God is the teacher therefore no matter what obstacles you had in your way, you have to save yourself.
The people you meet in your life, the experiences you live, are nothing but hints and lessons for you to earn the knowledge and the ability of surviving. You are your own God, pray to yourself, ask yourself for a way out and stop underestimating your capabilities for achieving the end, find who you really are.
A successful person is the one who got the main lessons of life ; is a person who trust no one but himself, don't believe in love, and don't judge others.
We should never trust others, 'cause everyone just like you is looking for the way up, and sees others as stair steps for that, so don't try to get fooled and believe those who tell you that they love you, 'cause they don't, they're just using you to get what they want. Lies will destroy you and make you weaker and you will be the weak string of the chain, and eventually you will be abandoned.
Be discrete, watch and listen without reacting, try to analyze and understand their way of thinking, and you'll find out their real intentions. Being in the background and staying unnoticed will help to see the picture from a bigger angle and yet remain free from the pressure. But once you made the common mistake everyone makes, which is falling for someone,
just leave with no regrets and fear 'cause that will be something that will drag you back down to the very beginning. Fear is just an illusion formed in our minds..

Everyone on earth has a purpose, their creator gave them resources to help, use them, establish your mission and leave.

Fedi Mahjoubi


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