I swear i was infinite ...

I've always wondered how to find my inner peace, i kept searching for the inspiration. But i never noticed how close and obvious it was.. The Sky was the key word, a deep wide blackness, our bare eyes can see nothing but the emptiness, a limitless space with endless mysteries that're waiting to be solved.. It all started with one glance up, and i instantly felt the attachment, lying back, rolled up with the quilt of silence. As my eyes remained wide open and focused into the nothing, the feeling of the cold floor vanished, the time seemed to stop, the heart beated slower, it felt like my soul abandoned my body.. At that moment, something told me that i owned a miniature of the universe im staring at, my mind.. It felt stretching wider and wider. Thoughts, ideas, questions, memories, pictures, faces, words, voices... all of it suddenly popped up, flying by so fast like shooting stars, flashing suddenly like a lightning that enlightened a dark sky at night, it was a mess at first but i eventually managed to arrange it all, i remember reaching deep in my brain, deeper than i ever thought i could go. Questions were asked, our existence, life, death, God, religion, identity,, i've never thought that i would be able to question and doubt things that most of people consider as sacred unquestionable facts. Imagining non logical situations that seemed so reasonable and realistic at that very moment. It was a journey from the past to the future, a whole scenario in a blink of an eye, glitched images, uncertainty who am i ? WHAT am i? am i even conscious?.. i couldn't recall anything or how did it happen. But all i remember is at that moment, i swear i was infinite....

Fedi Mahjoubi


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